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Creating A Book / Marketing Your Book

"The workshop I attended run by Tene Edwards was very informative. I gained so much information from her. It was also very motivating And she answered all of the questions that I had. Thank you so much"

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Workshop / Masterclass
Walk With Wings: One Year Anniversary
Tene Edwards x Spring Melanin
Tene Edwards x Incredible Brilliant Youth
Tene Edwards x Victim Support Bedfordshire

All workshops / masterclasses are individually designed

to meet the objectives of your organisation.


Defeating The Gremlins in your Head: Learn how to make your self-talk

work for you, and not against you

  • Learn to talk back to those negative voices in your head and replace them with more productive, healthy thought processes.

  • Feel empowered to believe in yourself and take action in life. 

  • Build a more supportive and loving relationship with yourself. 

Awaken the Love Within: Learn how to check in with yourself

and make time for reflection.

  • Declutter your mind for clarity, focus and inner peace.

  • Identify feelings and emotions, process them and gain control of them as they arise. 

  • How to reach your goals by embracing your achievements and celebrating yourself. 

What it takes to be an Authorpreneur: Learn how to really make money as an author/aspiring author via social media

  • Practical tips for building a loyal and organic social media following; turn followers into paying customers, and become known as an expert in your space.

  • Learn to create a marketing strategy for your writing that engages readers, plus lands you sales and brand partnerships.

If you think you might like to work with me, or just want to knock around a few ideas, get in touch by dropping me an email at: info@teneedwards.com


*workshop prices start from £150 per hour

Awaken The Love Within

"One of the exercises was about writing a letter to your future and past self and I honestly cried. Like sometimes you can get so wrapped up in now and things that you wanna achieve that you really forget to tune into your true feelings. I think there is so much power in writing down your feelings and saying affirmations. We never get time to hone in and understand how you truly truly feel was just so eye opening and I just recommend it. Follow Tene and Incredible Brilliant Youth on Instagram."


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