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The workshop I attended run by Tene Edwards was very informative. I gained so much information from her. It was also very motivating And she answered all of the questions that I had. Thank you so much

Walk With Wings: One Year Anniversary

On Saturday 29th of June, Tene Edwards celebrated the anniversary 

of her debut book, Walk With Wings. This involved a special evening of performance poetry, panel talks around mental-health, self-love and healing, plus an interactive Q & A session.



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Tene Edwards x Spring Melanin

Loss but Found


Based around the theme of grief, Tene led a bespoke workshop for the WOC organisation; Spring Melanin

Tene created an intimate environment through being open and honest about her life challenges which encouraged the full expression of women in the room as they explored their most deepest thoughts and shared their truths with courage and 

tears of strength. Photos by Lillian

Tene Edwards x Victim Support Bedfordshire

Self-Care Writing with Tene 

Tene led and facilitated a self-care writing workshop for professionals on December 5th, 2018 to encourage them to implement self-care practices into their daily lives, to improve their wellbeing and quality of performance at work for 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Domestic Violence.

Tene Edwards x Incredible Brilliant Youth

Awaken The Love Within 

Awaken The Love Within was a workshop led by Tene in partnership with Incredible Brilliant Youth to encourage writing as a healing tool and to empower women to recognise and trust their own inner voice. 

On this day at WAH Nails we checked in with ourselves, we opened ourselves up and we shared the things close to our hearts. There were tears and we comforted each other. Together we created a safe place of shared vulnerability and it was a TRUE sisterhood. 



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Awaken The Love Within

One of the exercises was about writing a letter to your future and past self and I honestly cried. Like sometimes you can get so wrapped up in now and things that you wanna achieve that you really forget to tune into your true feelings. I think there is so much power in writing down your feelings and saying affirmations. We never get time to hone in and understand how you truly truly feel was just so eye opening and I just recommend it. Follow Tene and Incredible Brilliant Youth on Instagram.

Book Me to Run a Workshop

All workshops are individually designed to meet the objectives of your organisation. 


If you think you might like to work with me, or just want to knock around a few ideas, get in touch by dropping me an email at: info@teneedwards.com


*workshop prices start from £150 per hour

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