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"Thank you so much for sharing such a gorgeous photo of yourself in the Jasmine Dress on Instagram Tene. You look incredible and we really appreciate the support.”


- Emi Robinson, Senior Press Officer at Baukjen

Daily Greatness Journal

November 2019

Brief: Promote Daily Greatness Journal

Deliverables: The partnership comprised of Tene creating a series of x4 social media posts to introduce her audience to The Daily Greatness brand and to promote the value of the journal.

Results: 46,528 Impressions, 42,107 Reach,

Capabilities Used: Creative Content Creation

Parkbench13 Ltd.

December 2019

Brief: Promote Evan Michael Green

Deliverables: Tene created x1 animated Instagram post to support the growth of Evan Michael Green's UK fanbase by introducing her audience to his music. 

Results: 19,640 Impressions, 18,073 Reach

Capabilities Used: Creative Content Creation

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