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How did you self-publish your poetry book?

Createspace (now KDP) free of charge. Walk With Wings has now been republished with The Good Quote.

Can you review my work?

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming requests I do not review unsolicited work. Thank you for understanding :)

Are you open to collaborations?

I love collaborating!! If your brand aligns with my values then yes, why not? Drop me an email: info@teneedwards.com

Any advice for aspiring writers?

1. Everyone has a voice worthy of being heard

My story will touch people that your story could never touch and your story will touch people that my story could never touch. 


2. Believe in yourself and write with love


As DJ Khaled said “If you’re waiting for someone to believe in you, congratulate you or cheer you on through every step of the way, you’ve played yourself.” I believe in me, I congratulate me, I cheer myself on. The love I receive from others is a joyful bonus, my readers are a huge part of my journey; their support means more to me than they will ever know, but I have to make sure that I feed myself the love and support first for the good of my mental health and self-development.. 


3. The right mentors can help you elevate

Find mentors who understand, encourage, challenge, support and believe in your dreams and do the same for them. I think mentors are a very powerful, and often under-utilised source of help, advice and opportunity.


4. Stay consistent and never give up


It took blood, sweat and tears to get to where I am today. There were times when I was broke and didn’t even have the money to travel to the events I was supposed to be performing and sharing my author journey at. One time in particular, I remember when I was invited to exhibit at Our Naked Truths by the Founder Jocelyn and I had no money for the train that morning so I asked my mum to borrow the fare who was also struggling and although she handed it over to me she was not happy at all and complained about it. I made it to Our Naked Truths and made the money back that my mum borrowed me through book sales plus more. I had money for the week to get to and from work and to eat for the week – I don’t even think the people who supported me that day knew what they did. – the power of passion and perseverance.

5. Subscribe to the mailing list and come learn from me at my events

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